This applet was made to ease authentification on web portals used for wifi access, like Fon for example.

It check a web page that should not be allowed when not authenticated and do the authentification itself, so you don't have to start a browser anymore...
  • Contextual menu allow you to :
  • store your email and password : Properties
    check you connection : Check Authentification
  • Click on the applet in order to authentify (display will change within 3-5 seconds if succeeded)
  • You can also auto-login on startup or when NetworkManager change your network/reconnect/...
  • Known issues / TODO

  • Only manage "Fon" network for now but adding a network is easy : simply add parameters in the list in "src/"
  • login/password stored with gconf, should be in a more secure place
  • one help button but it does nothing
  • Requirements

  • Python 2.3 or above
  • pygtk-2.6 (modules: gtk,
  • gnome-python-2.10 (modules: gconf)
  • gnome-python-extras-2.10 (module: gnomeapplet)
  • gnome-icons-theme-2.10
  • ClientForm
  • ClientCookies
  • dbus python module
  • Download

    Ubuntu Package Source archive


    autologin-applet autologin-properties


    Code :
    Antoine Mairesse
    Translation :
    Wojciech Myrda
    Pau Rodriguez-Estivill